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Week of Awesome 3 - Day 4

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Onigiri Flash


I composed one new song today. "Machina". After wrestling with several screencast software, I settled for making a slideshow of the various loops that I created for the song. So if you're interested, you can click here to watch the video. It's the first time I've ever used my YouTube channel, so I'm moderately proud of myself.

That is all for today. happy.png As usual, you can find my entire week of awesome album on my bandcamp page.
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O, i particularly like this song, it has a great intro and continuous beat. can't wait to hear it in the game!

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Congratulations on your first Youtube video! ^_^


It was neat to see the relevant FL Studio elements, although I'll confess that, as a non-musician, they convey fairly little to me. ^^;


The piece itself I enjoyed--appropriate to its title, it feels rather technological and ominous. I still prefer Nightmare and Terr Pattern, I think, but that I believe is just a matter of personal taste.


By the way, I notice that you don't seem to have been linking to your blog entries in the competition thread; while I doubt that you're likely to be short on participation points, you'll likely get more responses if you link to your entries.

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