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Day 4 - Final?

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My plan for Day 4 was this:


- Rework the Result Screen visual.


- Add two mob variations


- Find a simple solution to avoid Purple overcrowding


- Package the build and test it under various conditions to insure judges are able to play it!



It was supposed to be my final day for packaging... but a lucky turn of events allows me to be partially focused on this on Friday evening (yay!).


As originally planned, I set out to rework the Result Screen, and it turned out a bit better (though still very bland).

I've also added 2 new mobs! (actually 3!!!) reusing some old ideas into better concepts.
There's now...
- a sub-boss that spawns 3 weak mobs on contact
- a rail that passes through the level and pushes everyone to their deaths (which is very hard to dodge, but can swipe the plane clear of foes!)
- a mob that fires bullets (don't let it!)

My wife also playtested my game, which revealed some of the controls / goals were uncleared, so I created a quick tutorial (with text overlay and a 'neutral zone' where the player doesn't feel under pressure).

Most importantly though, I've spent close to an hour reskinning all of the mobs with more interesting skins. The original abstract skin didn't make them very memorable, so I included quick sketches and played around them in paint.net. Some of them turned out good, others, well...

Overall I feel much better about where I'm at right now as I feel I cover UX a lot better and cleaned the scene of most 'ugly' options.

The only additionnal thing I'll do tonight is upload a safety build.

It's almost over!

Mandatory gameplay video of the progress made this far!:

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looking pretty good orymus3, things seem to get hectic fast!

and glad to hear you'll be able to get 1 more work day out of it!

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