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Day 5 - The End

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Day 5 Goals


[s]- Find a [/s]simple [s]solution to avoid Purple overcrowding[/s]



[s]- Package the build[/s] and test it under various conditions to insure judges are able to play it!


I ended up finding a solution for the Purple overcrowding, but it was nowhere near simple. There's now a system in place to gauge difficulty in the game and I'm happy on how it all turned out (as it effectively annihilates the chances of getting purple overcrowding!).

I've also made quite a few changes, namely, the platform no longer shrinks while there are no mobs on it. I felt it was a bit weird that it would, and I feel that rewarding a player for getting rid of mobs very quickly was a good test of reflexes.

I've also packages the build, but couldn't muster the time to test it under various conditions, so I'm assuming that Win7 is all that it needs to run smoothly. Crossing my fingers here! Not sure when the judging will start/end, but I won't be around to troubleshoot until Wednesday so I'm hoping judges can play the game!!

I've also polished some of the elements in the result screen, some of the mobs' values and even added a splash screen for the game title.

I'm rather satisfied with what I'm delivering after 5 days (with roughly 2-3 hours per day making this an under 15h prototype!)
Wish I had more time, but definitely enjoyed every bit of it!

Will most definitely post a Post-Mortem after Judges scores are in, but for now, I'll have to be patient!

And for anyone interested, here's an updated video of the final game!:

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Recommended Comments

Looks good, especially for 15 hours of work. Since I know you won't be submitting any further updates, I'll play it and score it under my harsh judging criteria (unofficially)!


... elevator music ...


Judging complete!


Orymus3 was under extreme time constraints and only logged around 15 hours, but still managed to deliver a decent game. Gameplay I marked at the decent-good range, I accidentally read part of the spoiler and saw there was an achievement for 200+ points so I tried to get that while using the Keyboard. It was really hard and sometimes frustrating, but I didn't give up. After about 50-60 tries I got knocked out of the arena somehow and ticked up to over 400 points but I couldn't die so I couldn't snag that score. smile.png I plugged in my game pad and on the fourth try, got over 200 points.

It looks like I say almost everything is decent, but that's kind of they keyword for my scoring. (abysmal, bad, poor, decent, good, great, amazing)

Graphics decent. Nothing spectacular in the game, just some textured primitives, but the title screen was cool looking.

Theme is decent. The mechanic for extending your playtime isn't anything ground breaking, but there was also the secret message that got me to play a little longer.

Audio is decent. I felt the creepy death sound was pretty cool.

First Time User Experience - Great! I had to dock you 1 point since I got knocked completely out of the arena and had to alt-f4 to close the game. I also couldn't click the Give Up button during game play. But the documentation covered everything and there was even an in-game tutorial.

Participation - Perfect. Even with such limited time, you still manged to do good writeups on your own game and even threw a few meaningful comments for other people's games.

Eck points - Full credit. Orymus3 said he was sad I couldn't compete and that he hoped I would make a belated entry with my cool idea. Plus he had very limited time but still entered something anyway.

All in all a 73 is on the high-end of decent. Good job Orymus3!


As of now, Orymus3 has the best score in the Unofficial Eck Judging! biggrin.png Spreadsheet link


I doubt I'll be able to be this detailed with all the entries, but since there was only one to grade today I figured I'd go all out. smile.png

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Believe it or not, I was able to reproduce this issue during testing. It turns out this is caused by a faulty collision check in Unity between some primitives (specifically Box-shaped collider with Sphere-shaped collider) which results in infinite velocity (or at least, near-impossible to measure). I've scaled my floor to the ends of the world, and still, the mobs/player would just never pass through. 

Unity has a tendency to deal poorly with very high velocity, and its rigidbody interactions tend to generate a lot of that when physics gets computed "on the wrong tick of the CPU".

I'm glad I got to experience this first hand as I had only heard rumors from other devs, now I know I actively need to look for clean handling of these situations for my more long-term projects..


For this competition, I considered creating perpendicular walls to close all sides, but it turns out it's possible for the player or mob to go through the ceiling (which I need opened for the camera) thus I couldn't figure out a good solution for this to implement on time. That being said, my repro rate for this during the course of testing (including both player AND mobs) was extremely small (5 times total, and I've played this game tons of time!).

Sucks you have to experience that!


Also, regarding keyboard, there's one thing I could've done to make it a bit easier. The sensitivity is almost just as responsive, but the "cooldown" isn't (it you hit W and release vs releasing the joystick, the ball will move longer using "W" than the joystick).

Controls are tighter on the Gamepad, and they were my primary test platform. Ideally, I would've liked to make this a gamepad-only experience if I knew at least 3 judges had gamepads, but for safety reasons, I implemented Keyboard controls which aren't great. Once again, shame you had to try it :P


I'm a bit disappointed on gameplay scoring, I was hoping for more, especially given I was able to have some people playtest and managed to hook them well past the "I like you so I'll play your game" point (my wife almost prevented me working at some point because she wanted to reach 250 pts!!) but I guess the gameplay IS simple, and with faulty physics (grrr Unity!) it makes sense.


So the quit button did not work for you eh? Ehm... Application.Quit() apparently won't work under certain conditions, how odd is that?!

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