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Journal entry two.

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Games going well, kept on track, finishing up the music now. It's a good thing I allowed myself a day for the music since this will be my first time creating a sound track, and I was having difficulty with the program (LMMS).

So my game is about the pharmaceutical industry and animal testing. I think it shows both how: "death is useful" and " death is 'useful' ". Although to short and too little time to cover a lot in this game (until future work and turning it mobile) The character has a nutrient (copper/zinc) imbalance that you can fix by either eating the right food to balance yourself or by taking medication to halt the immediate effects. So in playing the game you gotta get food and keep the ratio balanced while eating before you starve (also I kept the ratio 1:1 for the game even though it is something like 1:8 - 1:12 copper to zinc. and all foods have the same value). Got an imbalance? Take medication at the cost to lab animals, but don't let the supply run out. In a future version I plan to show how if one nutrient is off it will start effecting others and have cascading effects.

So far I've run into two minor issues (aside from music :/ ) one with code (fixed it but dunno why it was doing that) and one with a word choice in my UI.

-So for the code problem, I have a match - 3 component to my game. Works fine I followed a tutorial, I made it so when a match is made it creates the food. Now the problem is where I placed my createNewFood method (it recreates the food items to match (so 3 new ones per match of 3)). I accidentally placed it inside my if statement that makes it so only 1 food is created at a time, all I had to do was place it after (before would then create a random food instead of the matched one).

Now the problem is if I had left it inside that if statement, it would only create 1 new tile (instead of 3) but randomly (not every time) a bunch of other tiles would then change and also create food, these random tiles would be anywhere and either had or hadn't been matched before. Ontop of that they would all also create food instantly even though I have it so no food can be created within a .3 second time frame of one another. Anyway weird bug, wished I knew why it was doing that but it is fixed.

-as for the word choice problem, I have 3main counters in the game, one for hunger, medication (is the effects still up), and one that goes down (and once depleted you lose) if both the medication is down and ratios messed up. I was thinking of "wellness", "symptoms felt" but neither of those fit well. Anyway I think word choice is really important and gotta think of a good one.
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Sounds like nice progress so far. How about a screen shot though? :)


As for the name of your third meter, how about Health?

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-Changing some art (color on background of tiles to prevent matching confusion). and adding a material to the food (that pink dot you see). as well as a texture for the snake, and images on the red and black square.

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