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This is the first post about progress besides the design and planning post; I'd hoped to post more, but I've been putting a lot of time into making the game, so the posting has sort of slipped through the cracks.

The art is coming together.
I decided to use the DB32 color palette for all of the art after finding out about it from the environmental art made by SpiderDave on OpenGameArt.org.

I'd like to show videos of the animations, but my computer isn't really capable of animating even 400x400 GIFs at a decent framerate, so unfortunately, there'll just be stills.

It took me some effort to get the player's sprite how I wanted it; I tried too high-res a version at first before settling on a 16x16 version with a simple 2-frame walk animation. He's compact, but I like the style and it's easier to manage.

Here he is in 3 frames, first normal (forward-facing), then looking up, then looking down while midair:


The player and most other entities are created at a low resolution, then have their size doubled by a simple editor window I made in Unity a while ago (none of the programs I have seem capable of scaling in a pixel-perfect way).
This makes it so every pixel in the original 16x16 image is a 4x4 square of pixels in the sized-up version.

The humans are so far my favorite art asset. I made them in 16x16 with a similar style and animated them in a similar way.
I wanted them to look hopelessly frightened and panic-stricken.


The environment has yet to be strapped together, but it's going to be made out of some simple dirt tiles adapted from a single tile found within one of the sets of dirt, grass, and snow tiles found here on OpenGameArt.org from SpiderDave.

They've yet to be thrown into Unity and sized up, but I've put them together, complete with corners and tiles that make perpendicular tiles make a neat corner.


A single brick tile from here, also from SpiderDave, will be used to make the houses of the humans.

The souls are in as well, with some nice particle system magic to make them look neat.
Here's a still of one; please imagine it's animating nicely.


As far as the gameplay goes, the player can run around, shoot, jump, dash, collect souls, and fire soul blasts.
The humans run around frantically and die to demons and player projectiles, yielding souls that bob up and down. They splat with a particle system that copies the pixels in their sprite, generates them, and throws them away from the center, which I came out victorious from a tangle with Unity's particle system to make.

The demon sprites still need to be made, and I might have to exclude a demon (likely the warlock) to make them all in time.

Time's running out and things are tight, but hopefully we'll have at least a few levels and the demons implemented in this last day.
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It sounds like the game is coming together. If you're only cutting one unit out, you have a better grasp of effort than a lot of developers. Last year, I had 2 note cards worth of features that I had to completely scrap. :)

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