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Day 6: Working build and sound effects

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Sound effects! Coins bleep, spaceships explode, transitions sis. Most of the effects are kinda lame, but the coin one is nice. I found this cool program that would generate sound effects called SFXR, and I used that one for the coin and the explosion. You just press "Random sound" until you get one you like.
I also added the turtle enemy. It is very slow and big, and takes 10 hits to kill. Considering you can do rapid-fire, that isn't really hard. They are worth a lot of coins though.
I also py2-exe built the program so people can test it. This usually takes a long time, but in last years contest, I found a tool called pygame2exe that did some of the dirty work if you had configured it properly. The compiled files are here, (just extract and run main.exe) If a few people could try it and comment on the music, the FPS, and anything else it would be nice.
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I tried out the game and it ran great. No FPS issues. The music is in the decent-good range. The sound effects are decent, but they were a little on the loud side. Controls are responsive and smooth. Graphics are good. Instead of calling it a turtle enemy, call it a carrier sphere since it looks like it launches fighters. smile.png


I don't understand how "Death is Useful", in fact it seems to give you a penalty for your final score. Your biggest point gains for your final score will probably be found here since Theme is worth 20 points. 



Hitting the left arrow turns the ship right while hitting the right arrow turns the ship left.

(minor) - Clicking on the name to enter your high score just continues on.

(cosmetic) - Countdown displays single digits 0:7 instead of 0:07.


All in all, a nice, clean entry.

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runs great for me. controls felt a bit unintuitive at first, but are actually relatively easy to manage(i'd think it'd make sense to have the ship look toward the mouse, and use w/s for accelerate/decelerate, and mouse click for firing). It is a very fast paced game, but seemed quite easy to stay alive just by holding down the fire button. perhaps implementing ammo/reloading mechanic might at least add some thought into firing? still it's very fast pace so there isn't much time to actually react to things. overall not too shabby, can't wait to try out the final product.

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