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WoA 3: Day 5

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The issues:

While unity is simple to use, some of the finer features are annoying. Mechanim is giving us hell (doesnt help that Shadow is using Unity for the first time in a long time) and making it very hard to develop things fast. Luckily, Shadow has picked up the state machine within a day and we got a lot accomplished today.

Despite how many things we have done there still is the blaring concern of mechanim + AI. The AI has proven to be a bitch and is doing randomly odd things. Shadow has most of the day off today so we should get something from this. Our goal is to tweak the things in place now and make something FUN out of it. Right now the lacking AI is the only factor that is holding this game back from being great!

The video:

What is in play today:

  • HP
  • Souls Gathered
  • Soul Use (spells)
  • Death of NPC's
  • Animations
  • State Machine
  • Level 1 design
  • Main Menu Art/Design
  • Hud

    What is left to do tomorrow:

    • fix the borked AI
    • get combat between AI and Death (king) more fluid
    • create the chase dynamic I had envisioned from the start (more AI work)
    • balance AI vs Player
    • create another spell for knockback
    • And too much more

      Current mood:

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Recommended Comments

I love the pool effect, looks really neat. Hope you'll be able to fix the bugs and really get the gameplay going :).

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Current mood:


Aaw, I'm sorry to read this. :/


Honestly, your game is looking really lovely right now. Good luck with getting the various issues sorted out, the AI and combat especially--I hope that the day goes well for you and your team! ^_^

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Current mood: gloomy? Bah! Tough it out man! Only 2 days to go.


Your game looks amazing again this year. Very nice! Easily 20 points there.

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Thanks for the kind words gents. The gloomy is when you try to make something and you want it to be something, but it just isnt. That is all, I still am having fun and enjoying this week! :)

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In order to fix up the AI quickly we are going to attempt (and I say attempt because I have never used it before :)) to use the Unity RAIN system by Rival Theory. http://rivaltheory.com/


This is a much more robust system then we are current using and we hope that it will improve the AI for the game considerably.

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