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The Week of Awesome III:Day 6

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Hello again smile.png

Today was a great day.
I've added some powerups to the game: Immunity, Extra sub players, Energy
I've added a second splash screen after the compititions one that just says my name and extra API's/libaries used.
The game now spawns a new wave of enemies when there are no more left, The amount increases by 25% right now(is configurable).
You die when out of energy, But you slowly gain more over time.
I've done some more textures, So everything is more or less visually different.
Each action also has a sound effect that plays.

Tomorrows plan:

  • Get a new build out
  • Do some more polishing
  • Look at adding one or two more powerups
  • Adding a shotgun like weapon (powerup)
  • Get some square obsticals in amongst the spheres
  • Added a larger level with more obsticals to (not) help you.

    And I've come up with a name of the game: Chaotic Ball Carnage

    Just for fun: Press "K" a bunch of times till there are ~300+ enemies around the map.
    I ended up with a seriously overkill "dogpile" that kept trying to get to me, So there was the mound of spheres moving around the map.

    Here is one that has ~1500 spheres around biggrin.png
    Screenshot 2.jpg

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That was for fun :)

I even recorded some gameplay like that with fraps, Maybe I'll give youtube a go

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