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Hackman Day 3

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Ok so today i spared a couple of hours for the creation of this and not everything has been skippy sad.png. I spent an hour trying to work out why when i rotated Geoff he was a touch off center i think it comes down to the fact he isnt very central in the artwork so i have put some magic numbers in to make him central poor programming i know but got very pissed off trying to work it out. I have made the trees get cut down now as you get to them and added in a win condition so when they are all gone you win! Next up AI im not looking forward to it but I have atleast made the control system easy enough for it to be keyboard, mouse or anything really so thats a win.
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Sorry it started out as a rough day. As deadlines approach hacks are expected. Just make it work! :)

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This aint for WoA Eck its just me messing about getting back into coding on a positive i looked at it this morning and solved the problem straight away like within 10 mins

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