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WOA III - Day 3&4

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**Reposted from the thread**


[background=rgb(250,251,252)]Day 3 was great, Day 4 was atrociously bad. I spent hours yesterday [/background]


[background=rgb(250,251,252)] to fix bugs in my AI around path finding, I am using a combination of field of view, free space tracking and A*. I say trying because I thought I finally had it all working well, several hours later while working on another feature I realized it was still completely broken.[/background]



[background=rgb(250,251,252)]I did however implement a true combat system and not the hacked system I had before. Both the player and the mobs can take damage etc. I have a strange bug where the mobs can only attack once though, then their code to find targets in range fails to find anything....even though it is the same code used throughout and works in other places.[/background]



[background=rgb(250,251,252)]I must say though, between the major bugs in the AI and now finding out someone else has basically created the same game...I am feeling discouraged. We are extremely extremely late on our schedule now and it's going to be a long weekend. As it stands right now, with the AI bugs, the game is unplayable so without solving them there is no point in developing other features.[/background]



[background=rgb(250,251,252)]One piece of good news is that the artist has a first pass at the tile set and they look great![/background]



[background=rgb(250,251,252)]Trying to stay positive and to some degree, move on.....rewind.[/background]

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