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WoAIII: Powerthief

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It's done! The (intended) submission version of my entry, Powerthief, is complete, and should be available via the link below:

[s]Powerthief (v1)[/s]

A new version, with working sound:
Powerthief (v1.1)

I pulled and all-nighter in order to get it done (finishing at some point after nine a.m., by my time), and am thus feeling a little out of it, so I'll leave this journal entry after a quick listing of major changes to the game. However, a more detailed post-mortem entry will likely follow, perhaps in a few days' time.

Major changes:

  • New models for the player and enemies, with animations

    • Alas, my animation logic seems to be faulty, as the walking animations seem to end up jittering horribly. It's worth leaving in for the sake of the "flinching" animations, which do (more or less) work, I think.

    • Some new special effects

      • Some of these are repurposings of previous effects, but there are a few new items, such as the lightning ball and firebird.

      • Sounds and Music

        • The music comes courtesy of Eric Matyas, while the sound effects largely come courtesy of me making noises into a microphone, then messing with the results a little in Audacity.

        • A very simple "intro" screen.

          A number of "placeholder" models remain in place, I'm afraid--the powerups in particular still use the models that they had in the prototypes.
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wow, i played it briefly to make sure it works, and it's looking real good Thaumaturge, having the enemy have firebird is a real bitch to contend with! the only thing i noticed(which i think you know) is that some of the move animations don't seem to play for some of the zombies. other than that, it looks pretty good!

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Thank you both, very much! happy.png


The enemies getting the Firebird spell produces one of my favourite types of moment in the game: the sound effect used for the Firebird sounds a little silly to my ear (although this might be because I know how I made it); it can become rather less so when one enters a room and is greeted with "Twee! Twee! Twee!". ;)

the only thing i noticed(which i think you know) is that some of the move animations don't seem to play for some of the zombies

Something is wrong in the animation system, but alas, at this point I don't know what (it's especially odd given that it's based on previous, functional animation code, I believe). If I end up working further on this game I'll hopefully figure out where the issue lies and fix it, but for now indeed, the walking animations are a bit... broken. :/

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