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WoA 3: Day 6 pt2

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This is the second portion of the journal for the day. I know this is the 7th day (tech.) but in Hawaii it is still the 6th day. I wanted to get out the video we had promised earlier in the day. What you are about to see is a highly polished turd! LMAO! Gameplay is there but still needs 3 or 4 days worth of work. That said, the coders on my team have been busting their butts to bring some quality gameplay to this badboy. I am happy with our stuff so far, but it certainly needs one more day of polish.

Final thoughts for the day:

What we have been able to accomplish in this short period of time has been nothing but amazing. It makes me realize how many wonderful tools are out there for people to use to make their dreams come true. WIth a few clicks and a lot of tutorials you can easily make something worth being proud of. I dont know how the guys who make custom engines in these 7 days do it!! I seriously would give extra points for you who do. With that stated, Unity is not without flaws. Many times we have fought the magical deletion of prefabs, or corruption of the map while baking lighting. I suppose any road you travel down this gamedev "road" is full of surprises. No matter the difficulty we all had fun. Often it would be late at night and despite our normal bedtimes we would stay up so we could add "ONE MORE COOL THING!".

I am happy with where this project has ended up, and with one more day I am looking to kill the competition with gameplay (not sure that will happen but I have to say it to be motivated to do it!! LOL). Thanks for reading and see you with tomorrows LAST blog post.
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This looks fantastic! I like your little summoned gobliny things but would question why the knight chases you rather than hitting them back

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Instead of using the strafe animation, which rarely look good at high speeds, you could rotate the modal to face west, north west etc. and use the normal running animation instead. This is what you see often in third person games with controls like these.


I gotta say, this looks freaking amazing. I wish I could make models of that quality, but even with the required skills, this level of quality takes too long to craft unfortunately :(.

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From the videos you're definitely a contender for a top 3 slot. Good luck riuthamus! I'm happy you chose to stick with the theme this year. :) Maybe next year when I compete you can thumb your nose at the theme again so I can have a shot at winning. :D

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