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Day 7: Finished?

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In addition to fixing a few bugs Eck mentioned, I thought I might need to re-balance the game for death to be more "Useful" However, I didn't want to make death usefull enough that you would try to die as much as possible. In the end, I decided to make 2 difficulty levels: Easy has a death penalty of only 50, the astroids are slower, and less enemies are generated in the over world, and I have "Hard" which is the original balancing. I made it so each has it's own hiscore file. I also record score collected while dead separately now, so you can quickly see if your death has been useful or not.
The compiled version still is here, Nothing is likely to change before I submit it.
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Hey mouse, i downloaded a version that says "press Space to play" but its Enter/Return :P

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I really liked the music for this game. The gameplay worked well too, although how do you lose? Just not get a high score?


You did say “press space” instead of “enter” which took me a while to get the game started. And the difficulty didn't really ramp up, although trying to get a higher score could be one.

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