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Week of Awesome III, Part 6: A final day of stylized secrets.

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This has been the final day of the week of awesome for me. At the time of writing the competition ends in about 8 hours and as I'm typing this the zip file of version 0.1.1 is being uploaded to media fire.

Today wasn't as hectic as I had feared. There was one issue where an exported object from Blender wasn't being loaded correctly but simply triangulating all the faces in that object seemed to fix it. There wasn't much coding today, the biggest feature I implemented was extra lives for the protagonist. For each live the player picks up they can have one extra bonepile on the ground that can be used to solve puzzles.

The main thing I added today though is the level after the tutorial area, which will hopefully provide a challenging experience to the player. At the end of that level the game will simply loop back to the start of the game. In each of the two main areas, the tutorial level and the one I've added today, is a secret area to be found. You will definitely know when you've found one since the style of the game is very different in those areas. I went for the silhouette-shadows-before-colored-background style. Which is a bit lazy if you think about it, since you don't have to fill in the details of the level. I still think it's find it moderation though. One of the first games I played where some of the levels had this style was Super Meat Boy, although there are probably games that did something similar before it.

Okay, that's it for now. The next journal post will contain the post-mortom and I will talk about things that went well, things that didn't went well and features that didn't make it.

Download link:

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