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Lich: Day 7

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My game Lich is complete. My main focus today was adding sound. I made some sound effects on bfxr.net, and figured out how to limit the number of sounds being played in the right way. One thing that helped a lot was not starting the same sound twice within a few frames of each other. This way you can hear a big army fighting each other without it breaking the sound by trying to play 10 sounds at once.

I also added a little skeleton variety for fun. There's still no boss or end to the game, but there are multiple stages that keep introducing new enemies, so it should give a good challenge and feeling of progression.


In-game tutorial explains how to play, but here are controls for reference:
WASD to Move
Mouse to Aim
Left Click to attack. Hold and Release to charge your magic attack
Right Hold and Release to Raise Dead. (Or right-click if you have mana)
Spacebar to return to life.
Pick up Mana while dead to boost your magic power and to progress to the next stage.
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