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WoA 3: Day 7

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The bad:

So, last night after making the video I decided to release another build. I went in and pushed a build and realized that the build time was taking 1 hour. I watched the build for another 3 hours and did some research only to find that Unity 5.0 has an issue with prebake rendering and lots of objects. This means that we had to reduce the lighting bake options and pray it was enough.... or cut down some tree's.

After falling asleep on my floor (in my office) while waiting for the build to finish, I was woken by my roomate who said he needed me to be his "navigator" for an unsanctioned race. His Porsche club was doing a rally and he didnt have a navigator. Now, in this moment I assumed this was:

  1. a race, so they would be finishing fast
  2. this would be over really quickly because he is a hotthead who loves his car
  3. his car has over 400hp

So, fearing for my life (I didnt want to end up like Fast and the Furious) I decided to go anyway. I get in the car and he says "Are you ready for a 5 hour trip?" I looked at him and said... WTF!

The worse:
So, shortly into my rally ride with my roomie I get a slack message saying the build times were taking ungodly long and we had build errors. Shadow found them after the build was over. I guess unity doesnt throw build errors until you build and this is a major issue when your build times are in the HOURS timeframe. Shadow and byte worked feverishly to get this stuff completed and updated so we could force push another build.

While that was going on Shadow finished the build for the "low resolution" lighting and then tested it. He said "This lighting is SHIT". It was not till I got home that I realized, indeed the lighting was shit. So in a frantic hurry we pushed the shit lighting build so we had something up there.

We are now working to build the Ultimate lighting package before the time runs out. it is a race of the clock and we dont know if it will finish in time for us to submit this final build.

What I had to do, to get home:

So the Porsches club nazi's were standing around waiting for the slow people to come back. (there were 5 when I left) instead of waiting for the finish of the trophy giving I grabbed an uber ride and got home. When I arrived I realized I had left the keys to the house with my roomie and I had no way to get in the house. I ran to the back door and hoped it was locked.

TUG, TUG, nope... fuck... locked.

So I did the next best thing (besides breaking the backdoor), I jammed a broom through the small hole in the side of the door so it would reach the lock. I hit the back of the broom as quickly as I could and wam the lock opened. SUCCESS I AM IN!

I pull open the door and am immediately greeted with the smell of shit. (I have two very young bulldogs) One of them decided to poop himself over my 5 hours while being out. So i rushed to get him out of his cage and the poop into a safe zone (out of smell range) so that I could start the build.

Where we are at now:

We are waiting on the build to finish on time. I am cleaning my dog outside and cleaning up the poop, and shadow and byte are talking on slack saying we should do another gam jam in December.

Final thoughts Pre-End:

I am tired, Unity build methods are shit, and I hate Porsches.
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W-wow. That... that is quite a day indeed ! I'm really sorry to read that this day went so badly for you! 0_0

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