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WOA III - Day 7 -Utter CHAOS

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Day 7
Where to begin. I am only counting day 7 from when I woke up - not the 4 hours after midnight of day 6 before bed. We entered the day with a massive list of things to do....and some major bullets on the list such as these (
  • means completed);
  • All skills

  • [indent=1][]Deaths

  • Buttons

  • Music
  • Levels
  • Drawn

  • [indent=1]
  • Mapped
  • Balanced
  • Death animations
  • Art
  • Menu background
  • Tutorial screen
  • Buttons
  • Finished game screen & State

    This is a sub-list from the original list that we had identified for the most part in day 1.

    This was the first time I was not screwed over by an artist (7 different ones). By screwed over I mean they were all gun ho about making games, we talked about some ideas, some we even went as far as a game design document and I started to code, but in the end they never produced a single piece of art.

    The result - amazing. It has re-fueled a previously burning passion in me to make games. As for the game itself, we hadn't even had levels 2-4 drawn, let alone mapped as of late in the afternoon and we hadn't even taken a crack at balancing. At the end of the day though, we have 4 great levels, the game play is nice and difficult - albeit very buggy.

    Personally, I have mixed emotions about the game but I am happy @MusicboxDancer convinced me to participate. We made a hard game which is exactly what we were going for.

    Stay tuned for a postmortem.
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    Well, I can tell you first hand it happens. Artists, just like coders, get busy. I have had numerous coders just poof on a project because they were not obligated by money. That said, I have poofed on people, or had shit go crazy stupid busy and delay a project I had elected to work on. (just ask DSM) It sucks when it happens.

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    Thank you for letting me help you! I had a lot of fun learning from scratch how to do graphics this week! It's definitely something that I'd be interested in helping you out with in the future! :)

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