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Week of Awesome III - Post Mortem

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The week of awesome is over, although it was more like day of awesome for me due to an extremely busy period of my life. If you haven't checked my game out yet, you can download it here, will probably take you only 5 minutes to get through tongue.png.

So, you have a day, maybe two, what do you do? Well I thought I'd make a text based game, no artwork needed there, never done one before, should be interesting (it was!). I had a lot of great ideas that I just could not get in with the limited I had, but I will list them here. First, lets talk about the theme; death is useful. The way I wanted to implement this theme was by having a sort of repeated day story element in there, similar to Day Break or more recently Edge of Tomorrow. A day that keeps repeating itself unless you solve some grand puzzle and in order to not having to repeat the entire game a gazillion times you could hit checkpoints where you'd start later on in the day after having solved a smaller puzzle before. Now personally, I thought that was a great idea, but have you ever tried creating a short story, where you not only have to think of the general story, but get all the details in like all the characters, what the environment looks like (D&D players know what's up) and all that jazz. That stuff takes time! Now add in the fact that you have to lay out all the different interactions with all the characters and objects and you got yourself a new life goal tongue.png. So, unfortunately I didn't get any real puzzles in there sad.png.

Another thing I was toying with in my mind was adding in combat, where you'd have spells or special attacks with cooldowns that you'd be able to view on the side, maybe even add mana or some other resource. The combat wouldn't be just about spamming all your abilities, but using the right one in reaction to the enemy's actions. I wouldn't have shipped anything if I went for this, but might be interesting to do in the future.

Thinking about and creating my first text based game sort of opened a new world for me. The sexiest thing is, you can do anything in a text game, anything! Like if you wanted to do a flip, pick up a gun from the ground mid air and shoot a baddie in the face before you land...you could totally add that kind of stuff in without breaking a sweat. What's the action? Here's the result. The mind does the rest. That's what I find so appealing.

Maybe next year, maybe not, we'll see.

In case anyone got stuck, here's a spoiler on how you can get to the end:
[spoiler]There are multiple ways to perform these actions, these are the more verbose ones
look around -> look at dresser -> open another drawer -> grab key -> open door -> walk to end -> unlock right door -> enter right door
Also, things you might have missed:
[spoiler]If you wait long enough before you say "I understand" you'll get two messages.
You can also not confirm when asked to, wait long enough and you'll get a message, say no and you'll get another one.
When asked to push the button, just writing push is not enough, you'll get a message if you do.
If you wait long enough in the first room you'll hear things(happens once).
You can "look outside"/"look through window"/"look at window" in the first room.
If you wait long enough after finishing the game you'll get two messages.
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