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Living the Dream

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I was going to post this the week before, but I also had posted my free Unity AutoSave asset for the Week of Awesome competitors which got featured at the top of the journals. When I posted this, it replaced the featured journal entry with this entry. So I held off on my big news until after the week of awesome. So read this as if it was posted on 08/09/2015

Personal Update:

So last week I got distracted by a bunch of real life stuff. It turns out my Daughter's peanut allergy is way more severe than we thought it was. When she was a toddler, she used to get a rash when she ate peanut butter. We decided to test it last week because sometimes kids grow out of the allergies... And apparently sometimes they get way worse! A few minutes after we fed her a small bit, her tongue started burning and her throat started closing up. Scary shit! Now we're the proud new owners of a couple of epi pens.

I also had to get the kitchen floors ready for the floor guy to take over my installation. So I learned how to level a floor, screwed down some creaky boards, and ripped up the quarter-round trim. Originally it was going to be around $300, but after talking to the guy the estimate grew to $700. So, I'm back to installing the floor myself. I should be finished this week.

And we had to take the car in to the mechanic. blah blah blah... There were other things too, but that's enough whining.

Development Update:

I didn't get much done in the way of development, but things were set into motion from the week before when I submitted my Floating Combat Text to the Unity Asset store. The publisher guidelines say to be prepared for rejections as the review team takes a look at it, but it was approved during the first pass on Thursday!


Check it out for yourself here:

Not only that, but on Saturday(08/08/2015), I sold my first copy!!! Technically I'm now a Professional Game (component) Developer! biggrin.png MUAHAHA! Now begins the rock-star lifestyle of the indie game developer... After I get the laminate floors knocked out, I plan to invest in a large stick (to keep all the groupies at bay obviously) and I'll also be accepting applications for my entourage. After that gets sorted out... It's back to business.

Last week, I said I'd be working on movement or a new weapon type, but that didn't happen. Instead, I cleaned up code and started doing some design work for movement, my battle system, and ship configuration. I'll probably do more of the same this week. I'm leaning towards a hex grid, but I may do free-form movement for the first iteration since its simpler.

Tips from your Uncle Eck:

Grab my free Auto Save - editor extension for Unity from my other Journal Post.

If someone is having a serious allergic reaction, call 911 immediately. Don't try to wait it out! By the time their throat closes, it might be too late.

- Eck
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Peanut allergies are rough, poor girl.  I hope she still manages to grow out of it eventually.


And congrats on the sale!


I always find it weirdly ironic that freeform movement is simpler for video game development, when I think it's way more complicated on the tabletop.  (at least until pathfinding comes into play, except Unity has navmeshes now, so that's fairly trivial to take advantage of)

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