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The Arena Update

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After taking a long week to help a friend build a game for the Week of Awesome I took a little time to convert the ASCII game into a GameJolt game.

This doesn't mean it is power by their servers it just means you can download it from their site and use your GameJolt user and token to login to the game. As I continue to work on the game more of the GameJolt features will be added like using the score board to show players how well their doing compared to other players.

The GameJolt API on the surface seems very simple and to get a test project up took only a couple of minutes. The hard part was getting it to work with my few thousands lines of code. I really didn't want to reprogram the game to include the integration of the API but for a while the compiler errors I was getting was difficult to solve. To first issue was my project uses Multi-threaded runtime libraries so that I can also use Crypto++ in my project for encrypting the user password. Now I no longer will need this since it uses a token from GameJolt but I didn't want to just throw away the ability to have some kind of encryption. So I created a project that would compile the GameJolt into a Static Library. Once I figure out that it also needed and could be set to the Multi-Threaded runtime things started to flow together.

Next came the issue that the GameJolt API really needs to be the first library my project includes. This took some time to figure out and I finally stumbled on it by accident. Moving it to the main code file as the first line of code cleared up all the errors I was getting during the compile stage.

So now every got setup properly and the APi is working. The couple of issues I now need to figure out is the best way to go about saving the data. In the old design it was easy to just do a quick file save and go on. But with the data on the internet this can cause several game screens to load very slowly. This will be the next experiment is to start using the non blocking data set functions instead of the current blocking functions.

For those interested in seeing and playing the progress you can find play the game at:

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