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7 days left to release our first game!

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Just one week left to release our 3 year project Fran Bow. We managed to get it on steam through greenlight and GOG, so these will be the first places to find it. Later on we will start working on the mobile versions and, if we make any extra money from it, start looking at the playstation and xbox versions! I can't wait to have time so I can put the gamepad support.

So today is 7 days left, and today I will be exporting the very last final build. We had thought that would have been done with a month ago, and that we could just focus on marketing, but as everything when you are new at something it doesn't really go as planned. For the next big game project, we will have learned aloooot! Planning is everything!

We also thought that we would release the new official demo, which is a lot different from the alpha, on the same day as the main game, but did it already last week. I think it's better to have more new exposure than on the day of release, since we are still very new to the gaming world. So far the demo had great respons and only 1 extreme crash when you take a pill, which was pretty game breaking, but is solved by either my check-up-code or updating your directx to atleast 2010. We posted the demo on gamejolt, itch.io and steam that you can find here http://www.franbow.com/demo.php

Also, a great tip I can offer! We actually had the steam demo as it's own page for a day, where you could post reviews on it, and it got like 13 positive reviews in the short amount of time it had a page. Then we decided that it would be cool to link it to the main game page, that says "coming soon". It erases the demo page entirely, reviews also! All we were left with was two words on the main page "download demo". This isn't as good exposure for a demo as a full page, so beware of that in case you want a demo out before the main game is out.

Let's see how this week goes! I will let you all know afterwards. Also, as soon as we get some time, we will be doing propaganda videos like the good old days featuring Mr Red, the puppet. Been too long doing those, it's good to vent out some creative steam on something else every once in a while smile.png
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