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Hackman Day 4

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Ok so today I have implemented my A* pathfinding for my enemys which has worked a treat! It wasn't as hard as I first thought when starting out after I read a few articles on how it worked implementation only took a couple of hours including fixing the bugs! Now all I have left to do on the AI front is to make a few different modes which will be 3 states of Chase(main mode to kill Geoff), Retreat(when Geoff is armed and dangerous) and Patrol(going round a certain area). I'd like to also implement 4 chase types which would be DeadOn(aim for where Geoff is), Infront(Will aim for a square infront of Geoff), Behind(will aim a few squares behind Geoff) and Stalk(Will aim for the closest square at a certain distance from Geoff). All these seem easy enough to implement the hardest being Stalk which will require a bit more thought but sure it won't take too much.

After I have finished up the AI I think i'm going to make a map editor so I can design levels alot easier than drawing them out then manually editing .txt files. I also need to make some textures for the enemys which i think will be wolf, badger, bear and i'm not sure but one more. I need to do some collision work but that shouldn't be too hard as I have done this before. The biggy i'm leaving till last will be the text renderer I have made one before but lost it a while back so then I can add all my text to the game such as Score, level number maybe some other stuff but also ill then get to put in a highscore board and make a menu that isn't just a texture and hardcoded values.

The game looks the same so no need to upload a picture. 3 days remain to get this done hopefully one or two will be the weekend so I am not claiming 2-3 hours as a day. Oh and I need some sound but I have never done that before so that will be interesting.
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