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Week of Awesome 3 - The End

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Onigiri Flash


[Disclaimer: This isn't really a post mortem of any kind. More akin to somber reflection of the past two weeks.]

Well, I'm a little disappointed. Not really related to the game jam itself, but concerning the fact that several spontaneous personal issues made it impossible for me to dedicate any time to the second half of the competition. I wasn't able to contact my teammate nor was I able to compose anything more for our game. Oh well, I guess. Things happen. What can I say?

I suppose I could start with an apology to MarioLuigiMan for not contributing as much as I would have liked to (PS. if you're reading this, I checked out the submission and I think it's pretty cute, for what it's worth). Life is really the biggest challenge there is.

Overall, I am fairly happy with the music that I produced during the competition. It was an opportunity to experiment and try new things that I otherwise wouldn't have. It was mentioned in my last journal entry that I should have linked to all of my entries in the competition thread. That really deserves a facepalm. I did link to one, but I didn't even consider posting there after each entry. Probably lost participation points there, but it's OK.

Anyway, yes. Haha, I'm kidding of course. Where I'll go from here, I have no clue. I'll mentally mark this as a learning experience and continue in my endeavors to build a decent personal portfolio. My compositions have certainly leveled up since I first started.

Please excuse my diction. I haven't slept in a while.

Thank you.
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