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WebGL Port

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The thought of preserving my participation to this year's Week of Awesome (III) led me to investigate the new Unity 5 exporter to WebGL.
My goal here is to try to port the game to WebGL and upload on a platform such as Kongregate to see how easily it can be achieved (and if at all lucky, make 25$ off ads woot woot!).

I've tried the exporter, fixing a few quirks here and there and ended up with this result in under 1h of work:


There's a lot of issues with my current implementation:
- Performances (though this is currently built as 'slow' for testing purposes, and having tested fastest/optimized, I'm confident there won't be much lag and that I may even increase Physics refresh rate)
- The 2D textures are off in the UI - That is, it seems like they're resizing to a different ratio despite being forced as 16:9. I need to investigate this further as it looks really bad. My hunch tells me UI anchoring isn't exactly working well in the exporter right now. Might need to make a non adaptative UI for this port (sad).
- The 2D textures are off in the materials. This is the most concerning issue at this point as they're natively meant to skin the primitives and I'm really not sure what's wrong. I'm guessing WebGL export is not resizing the materials to scale which could be a major issue.

I need to investigate this some more.
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