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Windows 10 Update and Making A Minion In Blender

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Ok so today I decided to upgrade my Windows install which was 8.1 to Windows 10 because well it was free! So I shut down Debian rebooted to Windows and then the problems happened! I done all my updates checked for virus' and the like then I was ready. Varified with the Windows thing that I was allowed a free update then I downloaded the Windows creation tool and hit Update.... I was excited to see what the new look Windows had to offer. After 5 mins I had the download part of the update all complete then it varified the downloaded file all was going smoothly then the window disappered! Alt + Tab all around the place to make sure a reboot dialog had popped up nothing so I thought maybe it crashed or something so did it again and the exact same happened! I was really angry at this after the third try so I decided to have a look at the download myself and found a file called setup.exe in the hidden folder windows.WS or something like that. I ran this setup and it got me to a whole new screen that said it was checking stuff then BANG it said it couldn't decide if my computer could run Windows 10. I checked all the system requirements and was 100% sure I could so I tried again for the same message... I decided to give myself a bit more space on my windows partition as I have 1TB unallocated when I noticed it said one of my other hard drives partition was active. Why?! Well Windows is dumb thats why obviously when it booted up it assumed it was on the first primary partition WRONG! That would be where my stable Debian is stupid thing. So I activated the correct partition then ran the install again and realised why I hate updating Windows
A) It takes forever
B) It reboots a million times meaning I had to keep selecting boot to Windows
C) It takes forever
and D) It takes forever
Anyway it got to 75% after well pretty much forever I was feeling peckish so thought I would cook pizza and chips. Then Windows decided to lose the race between what was ready first my computer and my food. Now it is all installed and I am once again happy!

Once I had faffed about in Windows for a bit played a couple of games such as blueshogun96's looptil, cozzie's BooH! and endurion's WoA entry and decided minus VS I really am not a fan of the OS. Booted back to Debian and decided to carry on my adventure with Blender and created me a minion it is a bit of a rough model but I have only made that and a cup so I am pleased with it!
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Thanks I am happy with it well happier with the finished version where there is no wierd bit just above the jeans but its my second model

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