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Engine almost complete!

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Hey everyone!

So close to having the 3d engine complete. Just some tweaking of the collisions and a small hiccup with the object loading, but everything else is running smoothly.
I have the algorithms for building the cities and for how the NPC's will work, just need to implement them.

At the moment, I am planning on having the following features for the NPC's in the initial release:
- Pathfinding
- Opinions of other NPC's and players
- Basic desires
- Authority structure
- Some form on communication to other NPC's and players

Also looking at an organic model for laying out the interior of the different buildings, as my city building algorithm just does boxes for where the building can go.

The initial release is a little ways off, but I am very much looking forward to being able to share my work with you all.

Keep on gaming!
James H.
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