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New Action System

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Watching a couple of new folks play Temple of the Abyssal Winds (http://prankster.com/totaw), and playtesting myself, I had a couple of issues with the action system:

  • The old system requires that you bind an action (a spell or item with an effect, like a potion) to a quick action to use. New players wanted a way to more simply use an action.
  • Also, as your spellcaster moves to higher levels, you can accumulate a large number of spells that see occasional use. Having to assign a rarely used spell to a quick-action slot seems counter-intuitive, especially when it replaces a commonly-used spell.

    So, new system. Now, there are 4 reserved actions (with the other 6 slots serving as quick actions, as before):

    1. Talk.
    2. Attack.
    3. Action (see below).
    4. Most recent action.

    Slot 3, "Action", serves as a one-time action. You click on the slot, select the action (via a dialog), pick the target, and the action is taken.

    Also, as part of this change, I remove the drag-and-drop for actions in the action dialog, and made it a simple select. This works better with the new system, and is a bit quicker.

    Here is a video demonstration:

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Nice game!

BTW if you change https to http in your video link then the video will embed in the blog. GameDev blogs are a bit quirky tongue.png

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Thanks for the kind words.


That's the trick for getting YouTube videos to show up properly... I've wanted to know that forever!



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