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Hackman Day 7

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Right so today I have sorted out a new enemy which is supposed to be a bear but looks nothing like it! Also I have a mostly working map editor all I need to do is add in a save option. I had a few problems like being so tired i couldn't work out how to invert my mouse position coordinates which was quite simple thanks to Tetriarch who made me realise I did not have to do (mousePosY - height / -1.0f) but i could do height - mousePosY! I added things such as left click selects whatever tile you are above if you haven't already got one selected. If you have a tile/character selected then it will change whatever is under it to that tile(unless it is off the map). To unselect a tile just right click might make this delete whatever is under it at some point.

supposedly bear thingy

map editor
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