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A new start ... from scratch

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Hi there,

half a year later i am back! The project is still going on, but in a new and much simpler way:

I started completely from scratch, including creating some sort of a design/story document to capture the game idea.
Also i am recording every coding session for this project, including some heavy and detailed explanation - like a tutorial of some sort and it really goes very well, i am steadily making some progress ;-)

If someone is interested, you can follow it here - the only requirement are some skills in the german language biggrin.png

But i did finished the fluid dynamics integration in my last prototype i shown, but i dropped the fluids idea completely due to several reasons:

- Its incredible hard to tune the fluid properties to achieve a stable simulation for different kind of fluids
- Trying to port the particle simulation to a GPGPU, was not that working very well.
- After all, fluids are not a core-mechanic of my game-idea

Even though, you can see the result here (Prototype running with realtime position based fluid simulation and working one-way collisions):

Stay tuned,
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