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Post Mortem: Personal Labor Day "Game Jam" - Day 1

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It's been a long time since I've done anything directly game related in my spare time. I work 40+ hours a week on video games and by the time I get home, I often can't summon up the motivation to do anything dev related at home.

Sure, I've still got ideas and desires to work on projects I've carried in my head (or as failed prototypes) for literally years, but when I sit down to work on them at home the mojo never seems to be there.

I was interested in participating in the recent Ludum Dare 33 game jam, but never go round to it - and I regret not doing it.

So, over labor day I decided to sit down and make a game; the simplest game I could put together in 48 hours with only me and no support.

Because I enjoy a little bit of the tech work (engines, frameworks, etc) I chose to start from scratch in MonoGame instead of going the traditional Unity/Unreal 4 route. I also wanted to make something that resembled a decent architecture and not just a smashed together hack - primarily because I intend to do this again and wanted a base to work from.

The Game

The game I picked was 2048 - the crappy mobile game from Kerchapp (which is a clone of 1024, which is a clone of Threes). If you've never played it, it's a game about matching pairs of numbers together to make their double, and repeating until you make a 2048 tile.

The reasons for picking this game:
[indent=1]? I play this game

[indent=1]? Easy game mechanics

[indent=1]? Minimal graphics requirements

[indent=1]? Minimal audio requirements

[indent=1]? Achievable in a weekend
[indent=1]? I stand a good chance of finishing it

The Tools

To do make this game, I used the following tools:

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