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KREEP, Ready, Set, Tiles!

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Hi there!

Small update this time. This week I've completed the final tile set for the game. Not so many new ones, but they were really missing from some of the maps to finalize the look & feel. Updated most of the maps, some new screenshots:



Also gave some love to the thrusters and pipes of the space ship levels:

gallery_228029_978_2398.gif gallery_228029_978_2692.gif

While I was working on this update, I made a GIF just for fun.


Been planning to showcase the UI/menu design, but it's not there yet. Close to being fully functional, and it is starting to look fun and fitting, but needs some time. I guess no biggie, menus are usually boring. The next update will most probably feature it though...

Bigger plans do not seem to work out too well. When I fixed the feature set mid project, shortly after deciding to try Steam Greenlight, I estimated to finish the project by the end of September. It looks like the release is going to be postponed a little. Thankfully just a small glitch, mid October seems to be more accurate now. Also Greenlight is not looking good. It seems, that a Steam release is not going to happen, still looking for votes sad.png. So if you like KREEP and want to see it there, please give a thumbs up!
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Upvoted on Steam. How many votes do you need for Greenlight and how many votes do you have?

I'm probably going to be working on my boring menu system too next week. Bleh! tongue.png

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Hi Eck, sorry for the slow response!

Not really proud of it, but here it is, the current state of "item stats" on Greenlight for Operation KREEP:

You probably saw similar pictures before in dev. logs of other games on Greenlight. This page shows the statistics of your game, the average and comparison values to the top 50 games currently on the service and your position towards the top 100.

Looked and asked around many game development blogs, I guess it is not news, that the Greenlight process is a "black-box". There is no actual data on when your game is going to get greenlit (if ever). Saw many games lately which does not even got in the top 100 on the service and got greenlit regardless. Also your "CURRENT RANK" is a relative value, so it moves around even if you don't get votes. Lately, my daily votes dropped to 1-5 and my rank moved radically still (between 50-60% changing multiple times in a day). This happens due to titles getting greenlit and new praised games entering the service.

To try answering your question, based on my research, I most probably have to double (or better: triple) my yes votes, and keep or even improve the ratio of Yes/No votes (seen similar numbers for many lately greenlit indie titles on dev. blogs on the net). Currently this ratio is pretty good, so there is no "hate" towards the title smile.png, but the amount of visitors and votes are really low sad.png, and in the last two weeks it practically reached daily zero. It's no rocket science to tell, that this is due to me being a totally unknown developer with no track record, my relatively low social media activity and the game being a bit too niche and not too interesting sad.png. Have to work on these aspects for my next title. Still within three to four weeks, KREEP will be finished, and will be released, but on smaller stores. No biggie.

Based on comments and google analytics I saw, that some of the votes are due to you, gamedev.net members smile.png. I'm grateful. Means a lot. Thanks for your support!

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