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Our next project: Yorg

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Hello everybody!

I'm coming back to you after a (long) while...

As some of you may have seen, Plith is now a complete game and is giving me some satisfactions. I was so happy of this first experiment, that I decided to start with a new one - Yorg - a Panda3D racing game.

The project is going quite well, and I think that a playable demo will be available soon.

Regarding technical details, physics is managed by Bullet, while our artist chose to use blender for 3D modelling and GIMP for texturing; all the audio has been taken from Creative Common's world.

Sources are all available from the project page, while our blog (far more divulgative) is here.

Just to have an idea of what we're working on, here are a couple of screenshots:

[sharedmedia=gallery:images:6630] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:6631]

and a quick ingame video:

I really hope to have your feedback, so... come and visit us!

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The game is already looking very nice. Make sure you change out that engine sound effect though. :)

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The game is already looking very nice. Make sure you change out that engine sound effect though. smile.png


Thank you very much! Yep, we are going to change that sound effect! :)


That's pretty. The physics seems solid!


Thank you very much! The physics is managed by Bullet's Vehicle class... Actually it is very fun to use it. :)

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Is there an updated video?


Hello! The latest post contains a video which shows our second track and the AI. We are finishing the third track, we will post a new video about it as soon as we integrate it in the game! :)

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