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Playing with GIFs

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Okay, so I've been doing a lot of mucking with the bullet cam, the damage system, etc. Lots of little stuff, haven't really gotten to dig into new features. Lots of tweaking of underlying things, trying to come up with not super ugly code.

Also here is my first attempt at showing a GIF
(I need to play with the the timescale curve a bit more I think, the more I see it, the more I notice a bit of a jump in time after the penetration.) You'll see some cylinders on the inside, those are crew member stand-ins. sooner or later I should go about learning how to get a hold of a basic human model in a static sitting pose.

That was from a free gif from flv site, IMGFlip, though the framerate isn't that great. I may have to look into youtube next. I'm fairly impressed with the tool I was pointed to for recording the video: https://obsproject.com/ It was free, and pretty easy to record.
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That's a cool bullet cam effect. I'm assuming if you have stand-ins for crew that your damage model will kill wound/kill them and affect the tank's performance. Very cool!
I was pointed to GifCam by someone active in the Journal section. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but the described features seem really cool. It's also free so might be worth checking out.

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Thanks, my bullet cam effect is heavily inspired by War Thunder Ground Forces.  I still think theirs looks better, but I'm fairly happy with my progress.  I learned a lot in the process about best ways to swap materials on the fly*, swapping shaders on the fly*, animating shader properties, tweaking shaders, and how to get things to always render on top.


*The answer for both of these was:  Don't.  I found it easier to either always use the same shader and animate it, or cheat and have two objects with the same mesh and swap which ones get rendered.


I'll have to checkout GifCam.

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