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Low hanging fruit

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I updated the web player here, though Chrome I think disables plugins always now (works in IE, dunno about FireFox or Edge). But the last time I tried the webgl exporter, things were kind of funky and off. I'm not shooting to make my game as a web game anyway, but it is nice for showing other people my work. Though there's always youtube and Gifs.

So this time around, I decided to do some small stuff. I implemented clamping of the pitch of the gun, changed the gun to move towards the players targeting cursor at it's own rate, instead of just setting it to the cursor, did some smoothing on zoom / FOV, and futzed with some of the internal colliders, though I still need to go in and add the rest. Not sure how best to represent the turret ring, I'll probably have to make a set of small box colliders in a ring shape.

I need to do a cleanup pass at some point, there's some dead code, and some messy code.

Protip of the day:
Paste as New context menu from the component view....yeah, don't try to do that if the thing your pasting has a component requirement that isn't met. Crashes Unity. I filed a bug, though I'm guessing it's a known issue, seems like it should be common, right?
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