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Working on the Quest Map

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Lately I've been working on the quest map. The quest map will be accessible from a special kind of workbench, the Map Table, that you can construct as part of your base. Using the Map Table will bring up an interface showing the island map with various markers denoting quest locations. You'll be able to select a quest marker to embark on that quest, which takes you to another level. This is the style I have currently settled on for how the map will look:


Of course, this is without any quest tags. The map is randomly generated from a set of fractal functions (see here for an older article about how I do islands), then instanced as a tile map on top of the parchment scroll background.

I'm still working on the particulars of the map, but I'm getting the systems in place. The map itself is generated as a separate scene, which is attached to a viewport with a 512x512 render target texture. I construct the map as a scene of sprites, using Urho's 2D sprite functionality, and the map is then rendered to a texture. I have not yet built the UI widget for the map table, but the map texture itself is being built and is accessible. For a test, I built a map table and replaced the texture for the map portion with the render target.


I plan a system where the map "fills in" as quests are completed and the island is explored. The render texture will update as the map is modified.

Edit: Made a first iteration of the UI widget.


On the left is a scrolling view (currently empty) where the quests will be listed. It's empty because I still have to implement the actual quest system. So... yeah, that'll take a little while.
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Looks good.


I would consider to render water tiles too and maybe frame the known tiles with dark tiles for unknown terrain. It is currently hard to see if there's water or not known terrain.


Nevertheless, good start :-)

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That's pretty cool. So the map on the table will actually update as you complete the quests? Neat touch.

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I love that the map on the table is the REAL map instead of some genero-map-skin. Very cool.

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Yeah, I gotta admit the map on the table was a flash of inspiration, rather than a deliberate plan from the start. Initially, I had just a genero map texture on there, but as I was testing it out I thought, "wouldn't it be cool if...".

Ashaman73: Currently, all map tiles are visible. I haven't started on the fade yet. For the first attempt, I'll probably just alpha out the unexplored areas, and have bordering unexplored areas at, say, half alpha. See how that works, make any changes as they seem necessary.

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