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Pongout 0.83 WIP

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Well, it's about time I posted some progress pics of the game I've been working on the past month or so. smile.png

Pongout is a crossover of breakout and pong, written in moonscript. It originally started as a test to see how Box2D will behave in a breakout game, and then suddenly the rest of this happened. This week was spent bug fixing, polishing, and reworking the third level. Those who have been following my earlier alpha and beta versions in the chat will be delighted to know that the game now runs in borderless fullscreen.

The game currently doesn't have any in-game menus or in-game instructions, so I've included the instructions below.


Platform-independent: pongout_0.83.love (0.11 MB), requires LOVE
Prepackaged Windows x64: pongout_0.83_win_x64.zip (3.63 MB)

Feedback is appreciated. smile.png
There is an odd issue on some machines (read: my machines) that causes the game to be extra choppy unless an application that uses a high-performance timer is running in the background. If you run into this issue as well, please let me know.


Mouse Controls paddlesLeft mouse Launches ballsleft/right Apply torquer Resetescape QuitDebug controls: (forfeits highscore)] Hit all bricks oncen Next level?


The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible by skillfully using the ball and paddle to destroy all bricks on the playing field.



(A) Ball
(B) Brick
(C?) Paddle
(D) Unbreakable brick
(E) Ghost
(F) Score earned and score earned from global multiplier
(G) Lives remaining
(H) Current score
(I) Global multiplier
(J) High score


A ball accumulates multiplier by hitting normal bricks, up to 10x multiplier. As it does so, its speed will increase up to 50%. Hitting a paddle will reset the ball's multiplier and speed.

Use torque to get your ball unstuck or skillfully launch your ball back into the playing field. Use with discretion, as each use applies an increased speed penalty.


Can redirect balls depending on where on the paddle they hit. Use this to aim the ball in the right direction.


Hit these for points and multiplier. Unbreakable bricks are worth less and do not increment multiplier.

Once all the breakable bricks are destroyed, the field is cleared and a new level will begin.


Occupies breakable bricks. Hitting a brick inhabited by a ghost will grant a small amount of global multiplier and the ghost will attempt to locate to another vacant brick.

If there are no remaining bricks to occupy or if all breakable bricks are occupied with ghosts, then the ghosts will begin to panic and bonus time begins.

Bonus Time

Panicked ghosts will consume their host bricks over a period of time. Destroy them quickly before the level ends to get up to 1500 bonus points each.


There are four parts to scoring: Base score, multiplier, flat score, and global multiplier. Base score is affected by multiplier whereas flat score is not, and both are affected by global multiplier:

score += global*(flat + base*multiplier)

Normal brick: 10 base and 1 multiplier
Unbreakable brick: 1 base
Ghost: 1/16% global multiplier and/or between 100 and 1500 flat during bonus time.


Level 1

Level 3 rework
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Recommended Comments

But I liked the previous LVL3!

Even though I admit this fits better the evolution.

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The circular level (previously level 3, now level 4) was originally a test of differently shaped bricks. It'll need the same amount of love the tilted level received. Right now, the circular level a bit unbalanced having too many ghosts and giving out more score and global multiplier that I'd like.

Thanks for trying it out. smile.png

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