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Fleet Movement

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I've probably done a lot less than I would have liked to recently! But, I have just managed to change the way fleets work. Previously if a fleet had a connection it'd instantly take action with the star at the other end, regardless of where the fleet could be, in a kind of omnipotent way. Now, there is an actual little fleet that follows the route you set; when it needs to replenish ships it will move to systems that have ships to spare, and when it has ships and can attack it'll move to an enemy system you've made a connection to. It's overall route-finding it a little iffy atm (it only gets as far as immediate neighbors), but in theory it's all working. :)

Here's a screenshot!

As you can see, I also changed the display panel for the system and added one for the fleet too. The previous big box panel was getting on my nerves having to move it all the time, especially in windowed mode. So I change it to something more compact, everything should still fit, probably!
The reason for a fleet view panel is that there may be multiple fleets patrolling a single system, so on clicking that system it'll come up with multiple fleet views, from which you can select one to focus on and take action with.

Remember none of that art is even started let alone final, lol.
But that ship sprite I grabbed from this guy's blog: http://millionthvector.blogspot.co.uk/
Lot's of cool free stuff there.
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