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Chapter 5 in progress

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Working on Chapter 5. As the chapters go along, it gets to be more and more effort to set-up the basic stuff for the game; the "town", if you will. Higher level characters need more items to buy, more spells to acquire, more factions to join, etc. Which means a bunch of areas, a bunch of NPCs to talk to, and so forth. That stuff kind of needs to be there, but it sure takes some effort to put it in!

It makes me consider a system where the "town" is just a set of menus instead of a number of full-fledged areas. But that's probably just my lazy self thinking about how to get out of some work. I will try to re-use some of the stuff for Chapter 6, in any case.

Here's a screenshot of the market square in Lannock City, where the character can purchase his various weapons and enchanted items.


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