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I know it's been a while...

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Hey everyone!

Been super crazy with a stupid amount of real-world problems, but can finally get back to this smile.png

Progress has hit a bit of a speed-bump, with the implementation of a new rotation system eating the camera for breakfast. *Kinda* fixed that, but still more work to be done to fully solve that problem.

Also, we have gravity! But no collisions tongue.png This leads to everything accelerating out of control towards the infinite abyss. Whoops. Collisions half done, but some work still required before jumping wont kill you...

Also about to start playing with skeletons. And by that I mean the ones that allow movement. Found a lovely book on how to use blender, only 2700 pages or so. Should be read by around... next century.
But still very close to implementation, just need to play with the colliders some more. (Eg, works with basic objects, but more complex ones are harder.)

Also, as promised, SCREENSHOTS:
Some of the city being built.

Some of the city loaded into a test environment.

Going really well so far and hope to post again soon!

Keep on doingwhateveryoudonormally!
James H.
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