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Hackman Day 9

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So this was my last day of working on Hackman it only took me 2 more than I thought which is quite good I think. What I had not accounted for was how long it takes to track down sounds! I am not fully happy with the sounds but they work and that is good enough for what was just a sharpening up exercise. Bugs I found and destroyed were OpenAL was crashing the game when it played a sound every now and then. This was caused by me adding to the sound vector when it was looking into that so I decided to change from using a vector in a seperate thread to using a class that mutex the list until it was finished with not that it could get touched as it was all running in one thread but it now can be used in a seperate one if i wanted yay me! I also made all the textures and sounds load up in multiple threads so the content loads quicker. This had a problem where it was crashing the game then I remembered that OpenGL hates multiple threads so reduced it just to loading the image then used the main thread to setup the texture for OpenGL. I added music this went without a hitch.

One of the most disappointing things about this has been that I set out to make the code readable and easy to navigate but as I found out today at some point that went out the window. I had to browse through a fair bit of the code till I found what I was looking for a couple of times. Function names could be a bit clearer also but it works yay! I could finish finish it by adding in the options menu but I am not sure I will.

Next up I think I am going to move to something 3d maybe a driving game I am not sure. First thing is first a couple of days ago I couldn't get the enthusiasm up to do this and decided to learn to do animation so I have been messing about with that a bit. Oh hackmans source and what not is on GitHub.
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