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A little 'Flare'...

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Ah dear - another disappointingly huge gap since my last journal post I'm afraid! However, work progresses on the leviathan game project that is Dominium.

I've been tinkering mostly with all the behind-the-scenes stuff that makes a game tick. So for a brain-break, I turned to some eye candy :)

In my head (the perfect programming location where nothing goes wrong and everything works as you think it should) I have a volumetric shader that is struggling to be born. I will solve it one day, but so far it has eluded my GLSL skillz. For now, I must be content with the normal 'sprite' based systems which most have seen before. But, I couldn't leave it there. So I added procedural noise to get that random flame-like effect, and I'm fairly chuffed with the results!

As ever, it's a lot better in action - so if you can stand the drone of my voice, please check out the video!
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