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This ever happened to you?

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So I'm testing out Temple of the Abyssal Winds, the build I've got in review in the app store. Just to be sure it works properly before I release v3.0 on the unsuspecting public. I'm playing an archer; I like to try out as many different character types when I play, just to see how viable they are. As I get along in the game, I go shopping, and see a bow that I like:


Look, as well as the normal missile, it should hit the enemy with a Fireburst, too. Sounds nice!

So, I'm running around, shooting baddies with the bow, and no Fireburst. Grumble. This code has been around for awhile, I probably just accidentally broke it at some point. Flipped a boolean the wrong way, accidentally dropped a function call, something simple, I'm sure. This should be a quick debugging session, and a one-line fix, right?

So, I start debugging... there is no code. There is no evidence there was ever code. In my mind, I'm sure that this was a working feature at some point... but reality disagrees.

Anyways, it was pretty easy to put this together (the same thing already worked for melee weapons, after all). But it was pretty surprising to me that I could imagine the existence of this code, and it just wasn't there.

I think it just hasn't come up before because in the earlier chapters of TotAW, you don't really have the opportunity to get a missile weapon with a spell attack. In a proper development team with a real testing organization, this would have been noticed long ago. But that's not the indie world.

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