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Creation of Zergification tech demo: Humble beginnings

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Hello, my name is Vaidas Okunis, I am studying game design at Staffordshire University. As a final year student I have to create my final year project. I wanted to create something big, ambitious and polished. I knew that I can not create game, that would take to much time, so instead I decided to create technical demonstration of the few game systems. And so Zergification tech demo have born !

What does it actually do ? It have two stages:
o Procedurally generates 3d fantasy town using modular pieces
o Creates a Zerg egg that morphs in to the structure and slowly consumes entire town, turning it in to the giant Zerg structure.

For this project I have decided to use Unreal Engine 4. After 6 weeks and countless curses in multiple languages (generating ramps is special kind of fun), I have a early version of the demo. Here is the progress video.

Now I can generate pretty looking towns, time to start making actual assets for the demo.

Join me next time, where i'm going to talk about some procedural generation tricks that I had to come with to make this work.
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Very nice looking town. The ramps really add to the uniqueness of each generation.

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