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Weekly Roundup #48

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Ok, so not quite 'weekly'... simple-smile.png
I just thought I should reassure all that it isn't entirely 'all about the book'!
The PR machine for IO (Insurmountable Odds) is underway, probably not as much as I should be / could be doing, but certainly as much as I can be doing!
In the mean time, I have been doing some actual coding on Dom simple-smile.png
Having been working on the Scene Context Manager, I then turned to the Scene Paging system. I noted I've somehow broke it, so when you leave the current local space volume, it all kind of stopped working, and presumed you were flying in interplanetary space which led to interesting other problems. That's now all tidied up, so as you fly 'out', all local scene objects are relocated correctly, and anything that is no longer in your volume gets removed. Next is to sort out paging objects that aren't present into the scene when they should appear.
I've also come up with an idea for rendering volumetric clouds - probably nothing new, but the idea has promise. I've also tinkered (in my head) with realising scenes where you are inside a station/vessel/base and how to render the external scene where you look out a viewing area. Of course, the challenge is to avoid doing anything with either of these thoughts, so I can concentrate on the work I should be doing!
In other news, despite Intel refusing to support their crashing graphics driver in Windows 10 - lo and behold, I have just installed the latest version of their driver, from their site and amaze-balls, no more crashing! Who would have thought? I'm really impressed that Intel chose to fix the problem for someone else. Not!
That's it for this week simple-smile.png

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