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Insurmountable Odds

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More awesome, than a whole bucketful of awesomeness... a picture says a thousand words. My thousand are all 'Awesome'...
Via CreateSpace I now have print editions of Insurmountable Odds!
I can't tell you how it feels to hold a print copy of your own work in your own hands. It's worth every minute of the effort!
This first proof is a duffer - too late, I spotted I'd been banjaxed by Word altering the fonts - so some chapters have totally different fonts to others! Also, the book size (6? x 9?) is huge! And the font size needs reducing. So, round two will probably keep the book size, and reduce the font (and fix the fonts up). And I may try a smaller page footprint so it's more in line with traditional books. Not sure yet... still thinking. Also, due to the distribution system - the purchase is very high, and gives very little in royalties... so it's not a great option for the end customer, or getting revenue for Dom... but what the heck, it's free to set up simple-smile.png
Of course, once done - I will be offering some copies as a prize for an as yet to be announced competition simple-smile.png

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