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Weekly Roundup #50

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The scene reworking is done, and a lot more logical to work with. But there's a but... whilst things now page themselves into the scenes beautifully, they don't really like leaving. This is something that has long been an issue with the implementation, and I've made numerous attempts to resolve it with only partial success. Sadly every attempt has led to loads of if,else,if,else,if,else,if,else,if,else, and so on ad nauseum. Lots of logical testing for various conditions which ultimately leads to a spaghetti mess that's not only hard to follow, but stupidly hard to debug. Making changes is a nightmare, and it's fragile to say the least.
So, it's time to kill it and do it properly. As usual when facing major changes, or monumental problems, my standard approach is to step away from it, and let the old sub-conscious kick it about for a while while I work on something else.
I've turned to some 'eye-candy' - and returned to the long shelved engine flare system. For anyone with a long memory, I parked this as I have a technique in mind that I couldn't get anywhere with. To rest the neurons, I decided to go for the traditional approach and have knocked up a flexible flare system that - if I do say so myself - definitely ticks the boxes. It's nothing radical, but the end result is definitely 'good enough' for now at least. I've got some tweaking/polish/changes to make, and then it will be ready for a video which I hope to get to over the next few weeks.
And, after that distraction, a solution to the scene paging problems has presented it self simple-smile.png I'm glad I don't have to hire my sub-conscious! 1f609.png

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