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Scrolling map!

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Alright, this isn't much of an accomplishment, and it kinda feels like a ripoff since the code basically all came from XNA Resources with a couple minor tweaks to make the code feel cleaner, but it's still something! The TileMap is now working, and it also scrolls(which is a feature I wasn't even planning on using, but since XNA Resources had the tutorial for it, I figured why the hell not?) The tileset is a couple crudely drawn tiles I threw together really quick just to have something to use. The nifty thing about the code on XNA Resources is that it automatically draws the first tile(the grass one) if there isn't another one set for the cell, which is another thing that I didn't think about. Shout out to Eck on the forums for pointing me to these tutorials. I'm gonna spend a while studying this technique so that I understand and next time, I'll be able to do it myself and maybe even improve on it if there's a better way. Tomorrow, I'm going to add my I/O class and start working on saving maps into external files. I wonder what file format to use...
Anyway, here's a shitty gif(gyazo!) of the scrolling tile map in action.
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