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AuroraRL - Version 0.5.0 is out!

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[color=rgb(55,55,55)][font='Helvetica Neue']

New version is out!

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What's new:


  1. New tutorial - at game start player now can choose an optional tutorial mission in a Solar system
  2. New quests: Heritage and Quarantine
  3. Modding support. Currently modding documentation is available only in russain at http://ru.aurora-roguelike.wikia.com/wiki/???????_?????_??_????????_?????
  4. Humanity upgrades - now player can distribute points received for research between 3 branches of humanity development. These branches unlock new ship upgrades, humanity expands into outer space, major changes of life on Earth and much more.

[color=rgb(55,55,55)][font='Helvetica Neue']

Windows installer (you should better uninstall old version manually if you have it, as installer sometimes fails to perform correct update):

[color=rgb(55,55,55)][font='Helvetica Neue']

Cross-platform zip version (requires java):

[color=rgb(55,55,55)][font='Helvetica Neue']

Please report bugs at


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