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My New Book: Learning D

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From late February up until about two weeks ago, I've had my head down over my keyboard working on a book about the D programming language for PACKT called 'Learning D'. The electronic version is currently available from the publisher's site for roughly half-price. Both kindle and print versions are available at Amazon, though not at the sale price.

If you have experience with a C family language (you don't have to be an expert) and are interested in learning D, this book will guide you through the language at a reasonable pace. Of course I cover all of the language fundamentals, but I've done so in a way that puts the most focus on where D differs from its cousins. There are a lot of similarities with C, C++, Java and C#, but sometimes the similarities can be deceptive. My goal was to try and point out many of the common issues people have when thinking in C++ or Java when programming in D.

Once past the fundamentals, the book goes into D's compile-time features, including templates, followed by two chapters on ranges. The pace slows down in these chapters and goes into more detail, as D's approach here is quite different from C++ (though newer versions of C++ are gaining similar features). This is especially true for templates.

The last few chapters go through the D ecosystem, using D and C together in the same program, a peek at web development with D, and a final chapter that gives pointers on where to go for more info.

If you have little experience with C-family languages, you might be better served by Ali Cehreli's 'Programming in D', which is freely available online as HTML, but is also available for purchase in both electronic and print forms. PACKT has another D book coming in January called 'D Web Development' by Kai Nacke.

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