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Graph Maze

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It's been 15 months since I last posted. My new project is Graph Maze, which I have been designing in my head for many years. It is similar to Amorphous Maze in that the walls are at arbitrary angles, but different in that the locations are pre-set by a template created with a CAD program.

Day 1
To make a maze out of a mesh, must convert mesh to cells and walls. But finding islands from an interconnected graph may be very complicated. This has been the major reason for not wanting to start this project. Then I came to a realization that I can defer this task by manually drawing closed polygons in the CAD program. Things are starting to get exciting.

Day 2
Drew a test shape and wrote a DXF parser in Perl. My parser does not strictly follow the standard, but good enough for my purpose.

Day 3
Broke VS2010 by trying to add a feature. Installer would always leave out some needed include files. Spent hours removing and re-installing VS to no avail. Must be a MS bug. Gave up because the night was getting late. sad.png

Day 4
Searched the web for discussions on cases similar to mine. Found a solution on stackoverflow, which involved editing the registry.Did that, and the problem went away smile.png

Day 5
Will write code in MFC. Cut-and-pasted the parsed data into a pre-initialized array. Tried to draw it on screen in MM_ISOTROPIC map mode. Something is not right with how I use SetViewportOrg.

Day 6
Figured out SetViewportOrg. Output looks like this:
While only a fraction is done, having something to look at keeps the motivation up.

Day 7
Decided to start writing Developer Journal.

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